Understanding Your Needs

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• Understanding your needs helps you discover your values and principles, ensuring the decisions you make fulfill you on a deeper level.

• A value is a rule, principle, or belief that gives meaning to your life. It is usually something you consider very important in life and base many of your decisions around. This is why when you’re confused about what to do in a certain situation or circumstances that you find yourself in, the cause is usually a lack of clarity on what your real values are.

• The first step to discovering what your values are is to simply abandon all preconceived notions you have of who you are. Often, the values we have been living by are actually derived externally. This can be through our family, culture, historical era, etc. By starting from a clean slate, we avoid such influences from clouding our judgment regarding our true values.

• Next, think about the things that you feel most strongly about. This could be a personal success, close family bonds, serving others in the form of social work, etc. Finding one will often lead you to other values you hold because they point to a “higher” value you possess. Thus, valuing family over career means that your interpersonal relationships in general are valuable to you.

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