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A Family of Creative Services

Welcome to Newton Media Group, digital solutions providers of Lifestyle Media for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and families.

Newton Media Group are a collaborative group of artists, producers, photographers, videographers, and designers providing goods, services, and consulting in a wide array of disciplines.

We have combined our individual services in order to provide our clients with a solution provider that can design, produce, manage, and market your Media projects – whether from “Start to Finish” or “cafeteria style” selection of services. Browse our portfolios to see samples as well as read some of the Case Studies regarding our services.

Thank you for your interest. Let’s make some memories!

But What About Empathy?

• Empathy is the ability to understand and feel into someone else’s experience, as well as take action to help them. There are three types—cognitive, emotional, and compassionate.

• First gain cognitive empathy by switches perspectives, listening, asking questions, and seeking to understand. Find emotional empathy by addressing their higher natures and assuming the best of them, or find common ground. Finally offer compassionate empathy by taking action to enhance their wellbeing.

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