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Newton Media Group are a collaborative group of artists, producers, photographers, videographers, and designers providing goods, services, and consulting in a wide array of disciplines.

We have combined our individual services in order to provide our clients with a solution provider that can design, produce, manage, and market your Media projects – whether from “Start to Finish” or “cafeteria style” selection of services. Browse our portfolios to see samples as well as read some of the Case Studies regarding our services.

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Find Common Ground, Even When That Takes Some Effort.

Suppose that you’re an American who has never really cared much for soccer, but you’re going to be moving to a country in Europe or South America where soccer is a big deal. You might still find the sport itself boring, but learning about it and developing an interest can give you an easy conversation starter with a massive percentage of the population in your new home. You’ll find it much easier to make friends in any situation if you can talk to people about the things they’re passionate about. The goal is to find common ground, even when that takes some effort.

Once the initial similarity is established, you simply stand a far better chance of overall social acceptance, and sometimes that is all we can hope for.

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