Voice over Work Podcast – An Audiobook Sampler

You know that guy that reads all the time, and always has a book recommendation for you? 

Well, I read/produce hundreds of audiobooks a year, and when I read one that has good material, I feature it here. This is my Recommended Listening list. 

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Think in Models by Nick Trenton, Chapter by Chapter Voice over Work – An Audiobook Sampler

Learn mental models for error-proof thinking, analysis, and decisions. Hear it Here – http://bit.ly/thinkinmodels Visit or subscribe to the Voice over Work podcast at https://bit.ly/VoiceOverWork-home Show notes and/or episode transcripts are available at https://bit.ly/VoiceOverWork-shownotes For narration information, contact Russell Newton at https://bit.ly/VoW-home For production information, visit Newton Media Group LLC at https://bit.ly/newtonmg The world is not as it seems. It requires a bit more analysis to see reality, and applying mental models is the best way to start. A thinking toolkit for nearly all problems and complexities in life. Think in Models is a collection of the world’s (and history’s) greatest mental models that are exclusively focused on getting the most insight from the least amount of information. You’ll learn over 20 of the most helpful and widely-applicable mental models and above all else, learn to think like a genius. A wide variety of examples, explanations, and step-by-step guidelines are also included. Nick Trenton grew up in rural Illinois and is quite literally a farm boy. His best friend growing up was his trusty companion Leonard the dachshund. RIP Leonard. Eventually, he made it off the farm and obtained a BS in Economics, followed by an MA in Behavioral Psychology. Knowing how to think is always better than having more information. • The simple way to know whether you are truly open-minded or not • Why you must always ask yourself a few questions in Latin • What your gut feeling is really telling you • How to analyze systems in your everyday life • How Sherlock Holmes thinks and solves crimes Don’t just wing it. Emulate the best and reach your goals. Thinking in models isn’t just important for large decisions or work issues. You can use all of these skills in daily life to live better, happier, and more stress-free. Think in models and think like history’s most accomplished thinkers. #BehavioralPsychology #Models #RussellNewton #NewtonMG #NickTrenton #ThinkinModels #Relationships #Parenting&PersonalDevelopment #PersonalDevelopment
  1. Think in Models by Nick Trenton, Chapter by Chapter
  2. A Thinking Toolkit for Life
  3. Secrets of How to Build Self Discipline by Dan Jacob, Chapter by Chapter
  4. Be A Financial Black Belt by Tom Cromwell, Chapter by Chapter
  5. Stop Procrastinating, Overcome Laziness, Get Things Done
  6. Are You Being Robbed of Your Retirement?
  7. Read People Like a Book by Patrick King, Chapter by Chapter
  8. How to Get Inside People’s Heads Without Them Knowing
  9. How to Flirt with Women by Ray Asher, Chapter by Chapter
  10. Flirting is Playfulness, Conversation Skills, and Social Intelligence