Voice over Work Podcast – An Audiobook Sampler

You know that guy that reads all the time, and always has a book recommendation for you? 

Well, I read/produce hundreds of audiobooks a year, and when I read one that has good material, I feature it here. This is my Recommended Listening list. 

Check out the most recent episodes:

41 Self-Discipline Habits: For Slackers, Avoiders, & Couch Potatoes By: Peter Hollins Voice over Work – An Audiobook Sampler

Stop self-defeating behaviors and act with intention. You’ll thank yourself later. What you receive in life is dictated by your self-discipline. The more you have, the more you get. Will you settle for less than you desire? Get your habits into shape and start living the life that you want. How to make willpower automatic, second nature, and habitual. 41 Self-Discipline Habits is not a textbook on self-discipline, nor is it a gentle and drawn-out discussion. It is a toolbox to keep you in motion and in action towards your goals. It pulls no punches as it provides direct techniques to ensure that your actions match your intentions – a difficult task. 41 techniques. Not bad, right? Self-discipline is not about grinding it out from morning until night. Let’s work smarter and accomplish more with less effort. Tools to get started, keep going, overcome distractions, and follow through every single time. Peter Hollins has studied psychology and peak human performance for over a dozen years and is a bestselling author. He has worked with a multitude of individuals to unlock their potential and path towards success. His writing draws on his academic, coaching, and research experience. Gain self-awareness and cultivate your determination and tenacity. Immediate action has never been so easy. •Learn the main emotional, psychological, and biological obstacles you are battling •Understand and break the cycle of apathy that keeps you from achieving your goals •Confront yourself with a series of direct questions that force self-awareness and action •An insightful method for working with goals and visions that is super actionable •How to control your mood and make yourself productive on command
  1. 41 Self-Discipline Habits: For Slackers, Avoiders, & Couch Potatoes By: Peter Hollins
  2. Focus Master by Nick Trenton, Chapter by Chapter
  3. Focus Master by Nick Trenton
  4. Thinking in Algorithms Albert Rutherford, Chapter by Chapter
  5. 8 Things to Do Every Day to Improve Your Life
  6. Drift Again by Todd Saylor, Chapter by Chapter
  7. Thinking in Algorithms By Albert Rutherford
  8. Drift Again by Todd Saylor
  9. What Charles Darwin Can Teach Us – Besides Natural Selection
  10. How To Be Hilarious, Chapter by Chapter

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