Voice over Work Podcast – An Audiobook Sampler

You know that guy that reads all the time, and always has a book recommendation for you? 

Well, I read/produce hundreds of audiobooks a year, and when I read one that has good material, I feature it here. This is my Recommended Listening list. 

Check out the most recent episodes:

Tools of System Thinkers by Albert Rutherford, Chapter by Chapter Voice over Work – An Audiobook Sampler

Think with clarity, depth, and speed. Become an effective problem solver and decision maker.Hear it Here – http://bit.ly/toolsofsystemthinkers We often have blind spots for the actual reasons that cause problems in our lives. So we try to fix our issues based on assumptions, false analysis, and mistaken deductions. This can bring a lot of misunderstanding, anxiety, and frustration into our personal and work relationships. Tools of Systems Thinkers shares powerful strategies to organize your thoughts into transparent patterns and find the real roots of your problems and fix them once and for all. Notice details others miss. See through complexity.Resist jumping to conclusions prematurely. Evaluate information correctly and consistently to make better decisions. Stop sabotaging your self-interest. Overwrite your autopilot with logical and analytical tools. This unique book will give them to you. Learn to utilize mental models and system maps to your greatest advantage. Mental models provide transparency, order, deeper understanding, and context to your problem. System maps can become your leading cognitive tool to find a clear solution that lasts. Change your thinking, change your results.Albert Rutherford is an internationally bestselling author and a retired corporate executive. His books draw on various sources, from corporate system building, organizational behavior analysis, scientific research, and his life experience. He has been building and improving systems his whole adult life and brings his proven strategies to you. Regain focus. Discover relevant information.•Find out the 5 most powerful mental models and system maps. •Learn to create a visual representation of complex problems with dynamic systems. •Use system tools to fix your everyday problems. •Find real-life examples and exercises to deepen your knowledge at the end of each chapter. Make smart and clear decisions.Change your way of thinking. Master analytical, critical, and creative thinking. Become a systems thinker and discover how to approach your life from an entirely new perspective. #RussellNewton #NewtonMG #AlbertRutherford #SystemsThinkers #ToolsofSystemsThinkers #MentalModels #SystemMaps #DecisionMaking #ProblemSolvingSkills
  1. Tools of System Thinkers by Albert Rutherford, Chapter by Chapter
  2. Learn to Utilize Mental Models and System Maps to Your Advantage
  3. How To Find Yourself by Nick Trenton, Chapter by Chapter
  4. Identity Starts with Realizing Where You Came From
  5. how to teach anything by Peter Hollins, Chapter by Chapter
  6. how to instill a mindset of curiosity, critical thinking, and discovery
  7. The Timeless Investment Strategy by Bill Grand, Chapter by Chapter
  8. Neuro-Habits by Peter Hollins, Chapter by Chapter
  9. The Timeless Investment Strategy
  10. Transform Your Negative Impulses Into Positive Habits.

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