Galileo And The Bravery To Stand Alone

• Be true to yourself. Have faith in your own judgment and stick to your firmly held convictions, even if you have to do so alone. This will imbue you with enormous courage and resilience in the face of challenges, because you will believe in yourself.

• Be humble. Use your intellect and your reason to the best of your ability, but always be willing to learn more. Don’t boast about your conclusions but allow them to guide your convictions quietly from within. If you’re lost, stay curious and return to the faculties that you’re blessed with – keep asking questions and be brave enough to discover the answers.

• Realize that, sadly, you will not always be rewarded for your diligence and persistence. Instead, seek to find meaning and purpose in your work, whatever it is, so that it inspires you even if nobody else recognizes its value. Then, you will have tapped a well of strength that very few will be able to match!

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