Luck = Preparation + Opportunity

• Our luck comes in part from our behaviors and choices, and those in turn come from our mindset and the way we think.

• If luck = preparation + opportunity, and we cannot control what opportunities come our way, then it means the only way to improve our luck is to focus on being prepared to strike when a lucky chance does come our way.

• An obvious way to bring more luck to your life is to work hard, even if the results are far off or not guaranteed.

• Hard work isn’t all that matters, though. The surface area theory of luck explains that our Luck is a result of both doing and telling, i.e., hard work combined with how we talk about our passion. with others. You can construct your own doing/telling graph to determine where you need to put your efforts to increase your luck.

• We can also increase luck by using the methods of visualization and positive affirmations. Both have been shown scientifically to improve performance and lead to better outcomes. To work well, visualizations have to be rich and vivid, and affirmations have to be said regularly. Naturally, both work best when paired with concrete action taken towards your goals!

• Superstitious behaviors are a human tendency that evolved in the face of uncertainty, as a way to feel in control. There is no magic, but belief in the power of a superstition can be powerful in itself. The best superstitions, however, are those that encourage an internal locus of control and which don’t distort our perception of what is and isn’t under our control.

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