Ernest Shackleton And His Crew: An Inspiring Story Of Strength And Survival

Shackleton’s lessons:

• Find purpose. Seek a deeper meaning and significance in your life, and, if it strengthens you, anchor yourself in religion or spirituality. Shackleton never felt alone during his most arduous challenges, and that’s because he was a man of faith.

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• When times are challenging, keep sane and even-keeled by engrossing yourself in the details of day to day life. Keep a routine, look after the basics of life, and if need be, find relieving distractions when things get especially difficult.

• Finally, don’t give up. When you encounter a challenge, reframe the way you look at it: it’s not the end. Difficulties are not a sign that your journey is over, just that the route has changed. Difficulties are just things to overcome. If you have hope, then you’ll be prepared and ready to grasp opportunity when it does finally come your way.

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