Mystery Weight Loss

A woman goes into a store and piles a shopping cart to the brim with things. She leaves the store without paying, yet nobody stops her or calls the police. Why? Think of situations where one can fill a cart with items that don’t need to be paid for. The answer is trash. The woman is an employee of the store who left to throw trash in the dumpster.

A man walks into a small room and presses a button. In a few seconds, he loses twenty pounds. How? This is another riddle where many different answers fit the criteria, but the official one is that he enters an elevator, losing twenty pounds as he descends to a lower floor.

A man living in a fifty-story building decides to jump out of the window, but survives without sustaining any injuries. How? The fifty-story part might confuse you, but the answer is that he jumps out of a first floor window, allowing him to survive without injuring himself.

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