10 Simple Principles of a Healthy Diet by Sergey Young, Chapter by Chapter

This book will show you how to adopt a longevity mindset that can help you easily take control of your diet and your health – without calorie counting or complicated rules – and live a happy and healthy for 100 years.

Longevity breakthroughs and new research are helping people live longer and healthier than ever before. We have access to quality food, technology, and knowledge but nobody to guide us through the diverse field of health and longevity. This book will change it!

The key principles described in this book have already helped to change many lives. They are universal and work for everyone. Now it’s your turn to know them and change your life for the better!

   In 10 Simple Principles of a Healthy Diet, Sergey Young will give you the rundown on longevity and how it relates to the foods you put on your plate. Sergey will outline ten longevity diet principles, with short explanations for each. Sergey will get more detailed, and will dive into specific foods and their health benefits. In the following chapters, Sergey will tell you five foods to avoid and will take your health to the next level with supplements. Finally, he will show you how this information is all put into practice with some examples from his lifestyle.