The Voice over Work Podcast – An Audiobook Sampler

You know that guy that reads all the time, and always has a book recommendation for you?

Well, I read and/or produce hundreds of audiobooks a year, and when I read one that has good material, I feature it here. This is my Recommended Listening list. These choices are not influenced by authors or sponsors, just books worthy of your consideration.

Check out the most recent episodes:

The Power of Healthy Living by Wilson Garcia Voice over Work – An Audiobook Sampler The fear of getting to the peak without a healthy life has crippled many today. Many people pursue their goals at the expense of their health because of the wrong ideology that their health does not matter, and all they need in life is money. This is a wrong belief, and if you don't deal with that mindset, you will gather all the wealth in this world and still spend everything trying to put your health and fitness in order at your old age. To achieve healthy living, you must have to put the same energy you put into your business and career into your health and fitness and make it work. Fitness is the ability to carry out your normal daily activities irrespective of your age. The Power of Healthy Living is a valuable book that contains Insights on how to align your body, soul, and spirit to live a healthier and happier life. How to achieve mental health and live above depression, anxiety, and confusion even while under pressure. How to live a stress-free life. How to set SMART goals for your health and fitness and every other area your life. The art of journaling. How to avoid blood pressure and other critical health conditions. Some of the most critical factors to health and wellness are the ability to be self-aware about your health, follow every recommendation by your health experts, and monitor or track your progress continuously, and you will be fine. ©2021 Wilson Garcia (P)2021 Wilson Garcia garcia #Health #HealthyLiving #Wellness #WilsonGarcia #RussellNewton #NewtonMG #ThePowerofHealthyLiving
  1. The Power of Healthy Living by Wilson Garcia
  2. Law and Grace in the Bible By David Adeoye
  3. Maximum Results by Yugesh Mandvikar, Chapter by Chapter
  4. Maximum Results by Yugesh Mandvikar
  5. Calm Your Thoughts by Nick Trenton, Chapter by Chapter
  6. Calm Your Thoughts by Nick Trenton
  7. The Power of Self-Discipline
  8. How to Spot a Liar by James W. Williams, Chapter by Chapter
  9. How to Spot a Liar by James W. Williams
  10. Alpha Mindset -A Guide For Men by John Winters, Chapter by Chapter

More information on audio production can be found at the Voice over Work site.

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