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• Avoid psychologizing. When we interpret people’s experiences, we are no longer fully listening to them.

• Empathy is impossible without curiosity. Curiosity is about more than asking questions—it’s about having a sincere desire to understand someone else’s heart, mind, and complete experience. It requires imagination, a hunger to learn, and an open mind.

• The main thing that gets in the way of real curiosity in empathic listening is the impulse to insert our own opinion, perspective, or frame of reference into the conversation. Imagine that learning to be interested in others is not a boring challenge, but a gift and an opportunity.

• There are three kinds of curiosity: diversive (interest in novelty), epistemic (deeper inquiry into knowledge itself), and empathic. Whenever you notice mild interest in novelty, see if you can explore and amplify it till it becomes richer empathic curiosity.

• Keep the spark of curiosity alive by consistently asking why, digging beneath the superficiality of a situation, and challenging yourself to see nothing as boring.

• Random acts of kindness can make us more empathic. Try to be more alert to other people’s needs and respond spontaneously to them.

• Kindness is a shift from focus on the self to focus on the other. Continually ask yourself, “How are other people doing? What do they need?”

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