From “Comfort Zone” To “Growth Zone”

• Embracing the uncharted terrain of leaving your comfort zones aids in the development of confidence and resilience, allowing you to continue developing and learning for the rest of your life. This acquired understanding eventually means that your comfort zone has increased even further and you are now in the growth zone.

• Psychologist Andy Molinsky has dedicated his career to understanding why people resist leaving their comfort zones, and how they can overcome that resistance using three Cs: conviction, customization, and clarity. You must develop strong convictions, which are your core beliefs, such as altruism, generosity, gratitude, integrity, accountability, and perseverance.

• Customization relates to your ability to successfully adjust your behavior to your surroundings without losing yourself in the process. Consider it “fitting in” without fully “giving in.” You’re still you, just slightly altered (e.g., wearing your power suit, carrying your lucky charm, etc.) to trick yourself into feeling at ease and easily blending into your surroundings. Lastly, you must have clarity, which is obtaining an objective, rational perspective on the problems you are facing. By challenging your negative thoughts, you can gain a clearer picture of your challenges.

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