A Delicious Story Of Rejection

• It’s never too late to start over, no matter how old you are. Colonel Sanders started over in his sixties and still managed to create a business empire that would overtake those he might have considered younger and more talented than him. The past doesn’t define who you are now, and it doesn’t define who you can be in the future.

• Success takes time, and it takes consistent, diligent effort – there are no shortcuts for anyone. You don’t have to be superhuman to be resilient and disciplined. All you need to do is refuse to give up. Don’t pay attention to the flashy success stories you read about in the media – true accomplishment doesn’t happen overnight, so be patient.

• If you’re facing a setback, loss, or disappointment, consider adjusting your expectations. Sometimes being mentally strong and tough is simply a matter of not expecting the important things in life to be easy the first time around!

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