Luck Is Where Opportunity Meets Preparation

• Seneca famously said, “luck is where preparation meets opportunity.” There is plenty we can do to prepare ourselves so that we are ready to notice and seize new opportunities that emerge, and make ourselves more “lucky.”

• There are three main traits associated with being a lucky person. The first is extroversion, which leads us to engage with others socially, speak out, make connections and win others over. This will naturally create more opportunities for help, random connections, or new information that can spell a lucky break.

• The second trait is open-mindedness, which is a receptive, spontaneous state of mind that approaches life with curiosity rather than fear, bias or expectation. With openness to new experiences, we say yes to new opportunities and encounter more life experiences that have the chance to evolve favorably.

• The third trait is low neuroticism. When we are relaxed and not acting from fear, we see solutions, think outside the box and encounter unexpected positive outcomes – and we don’t jeopardize any good luck we do encounter!

• There are three thought patterns associated with being lucky. Believing in karma means you take your actions seriously and are more likely to have a proactive internal locus of control, and treat others well – naturally leading to more luck opportunities.

• Belief in your own competence and ability to withstand adversity creates resilience, meaning you take beneficial action for longer, which means you increase your chances of a positive outcome.

• Finally, lucky people learn what works and deliberately try to recreate those conditions that they know have led to luck for them in the past.

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