Beethoven: Not Even Deafness Was An Excuse

• Dig deep and connect to your overarching life’s purpose. What matters most to you? What do you care about achieving here on earth more than anything else? Allow this conviction to give you strength to weather any obstacles on the way.

• Be true to yourself. Beethoven really did things his way. This wasn’t always easy, but his commitment to his own authentic artistic vision gave him the courage to try things that others might not have wanted to risk. In difficult times, lean on your strengths – those unique insights and perspectives that nobody else could offer the world but you.

• Finally, be adaptable. When one path closes to you, look around for the paths that are still open. Refuse to dwell on what is missing, what is not working, or what is difficult. Instead, constantly turn your attention to what is possible, what resources you still have, and what opportunities are still there to be tapped.

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