So, What Is Charisma Anyway?

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• Charming people may seem to possess a mysterious quality nobody else does, but charisma is a knowable set of social and emotional behaviors that anyone can learn.

• Charisma can be defined as a blend of likeability and influence. Charismatics have presence in a room, can impact and persuade others, can lead, but also know how to put people at ease, are warm, smile often, and get along with anyone.

• Practice taking up more space in a room, and examine any core beliefs that may negatively impact your posture and expression. Believe deep down that other people are not a threat and that you have something worthwhile to communicate.

• Speak openly about your passions, and when you address others, speak to their highest selves. Smile often and remember the details of what people tell you.

• Don’t interrupt, judge, complain, gossip or express negativity. Instead, express gratitude and optimism.

• Ronald Riggio broke charisma into 3 social and emotional functions: expressiveness, sensitivity to other people’s expressiveness, and self-control.

• To be more charismatic, express yourself emotionally with colorful language and dynamic facial expressions. Pay attention to people’s nonverbal expression, but don’t be afraid to ask directly about how others feel.

• To improve emotional control, slow down, breathe and become present, rather than reacting mindlessly.

• Acting and improv can help you improve social skills, and the ability to consciously wear a social mask. Pay attention to how you’re physically presenting yourself and dress with care and deliberation.

• Finally, learn to “people watch” and get into the habit of asking more questions instead of talking about yourself in conversations.

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