The Art of Systems Thinking, Chapter by Chapter

Systems thinking boosts your critical thinking skill, analyzing ability, clears your vision, makes you more logical and rational.

Recognize patterns, and design effective solutions to challenges.

Some things can’t be fixed with simple cause-effect thinking. We often perpetuate the very problems we try so hard to solve with this mindset. Systems thinking’s aim is to find better solutions to your problems. Learn to examine complexity and simplify it. Learn how to think of things as systems – the process of understanding how people, events, and ideas influence one another within a whole. Advance your cognitive skills to improve the performance of your projects, and the quality of your relationships. Learn to detect and fix system errors so you perform at your highest potential. Bring your new skills to your life and workplace, through examples from economic and political environments and ample prompts for reflection.

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The Art of Thinking in Systems presents real life examples making this skill easily understandable and applicable. Approaching problems from a systems perspective is an essential skill for your career and life. This audiobook is not for Wall Street analysts but for everyday people who wish to understand their world better and make better decisions in their lives.

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