Motivating Students to Learn

In a perfect world every person you worked with would be enthusiastic and ready to learn. Sadly, you won’t always have that experience with students. So how can you know what motivates each student. Well, you can’t. At least not instantly. It takes time to build a personal relationship with your pupils.

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As an educator, it’s important to remember that while failure is not an option, it is a natural part of the learning process. Be aware that instructors who belittle the student after a failure will stamp out the desire to learn faster than anything else in this world. If you tell a person he or she is inadequate and too stupid to ever learn something or make fun of a person for a simple error, don’t be surprised if that criticism becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Remember, students aren’t all cut from the same cloth. You might need to vary your teaching style to meet the needs of your learner.

Extrinsic motivation flares up from an outside source, such as the need to eat and pay rent being the motivation for holding a steady job.

On the other hand, intrinsic motivation comes from within.(xv) My intrinsic desire to breed and raise English Springer Spaniels, for example, is due to my undying love for the breed.

So how do we encourage and increase a learner’s intrinsic motivation. Think about providing students with the freedom of choice in selecting which learning style fits them best. Even if a child gets an answer wrong, praise them for putting in the effort it took to dare answering the question. It’s important for students to understand, especially as they get older, why they are learning all this information you are sharing with them.

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