Daily Habits

Self-discipline and habits are innately intertwined. In fact, habits are the natural goal for self-discipline; self-disciplined acts require conscious effort until the point it becomes a natural habit.

Make it a habit to think about a self-discipline formula, either the one in this book, or one of your own making. It’s another way of visualizing exactly what forces are at play regarding your self-discipline. My favorite version: Self-discipline = (personal motivation + positive benefits) / (discomfort + distractions). Here, if the right side of the equation turns out positive, then you have the pre-requisites for self-discipline. Thus, it becomes a matter of understanding the positive forces (motivation and benefits) and the negative forces (discomfort and distractions) and how they manifest in your life. You may even discover that you are neglecting a few factors, which is just setting yourself up for failure.

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