The Art of Strategic Decision-Making by Peter Hollins

Overwhelmed and paralyzed by your choices? Learn how to get it right the first time – improve your analysis, judgment, and intuition. Unfortunately, you can’t just rely on your gut instinct or “hunch” when you make decisions. There’s a science to improving your critical thinking, weighing pros and cons, and avoiding the traps that take you down the wrong path. Make smart decisions by catching your brain’s built-in flaws.

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The Art of Strategic Decision-Making will teach you to seize control of your life and make sure your decisions aren’t making you. This book cites years of research and scientific studies about what constitutes a great decision and the factors that will inevitably lead you there. It is an in-depth look at human nature and psychology and why we make decisions in the way we do – for better or for worse. This book is packed with theory, but it is all practical and actionable. Use these mental models and pieces of analysis on your decisions TODAY.

Think more quickly and more thoroughly – at the same time. Peter Hollins has studied psychology and the human condition for over a dozen years. This book contains tactics pulled from his personal experience, as well as some of the most famous studies in decision theory and social psychology to help you make snap decisions. Beat analysis paralysis and eliminate indecision.

•Learn your subconscious motivations, needs, and desires that hijack your brain. •Discover the surprising causes and cures for decision fatigue. •Over 10 of the most dangerous cognitive biases and decision traps. •How to make your pros and cons lists incredibly useful and illuminating. •The 6 Hats Method of intelligent decisions and how you can inhabit different perspectives. •The WRAP method of planning for failure in decisions. •How to think outside the box and creatively solve problems. Optimize your decisions even under stress, pressure, and uncertainty. When you master decision making, you can control your happiness and seize the opportunities life gives you. Better decisions more information and understanding and less stress and anxiety.

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