Practice Compassionate Honesty

Bringing the unconscious out into open awareness, using compassionate honesty and curiosity, is your best bet for gaining true self- control.

Defence mechanisms, instituted by your psyche to act as boundaries preventing material in the unconscious from bothering your conscious mind, may be sabotaging your self-discipline as they help you continually ignore the internal influences that negatively impact your behavior.

Strive to be more observant and honest with yourself as you attempt to spot defence mechanisms you may be using to justify a lack of self-discipline.

Explore your unconscious beliefs. Practice free association to get into your deeper motivations and gain a glimpse of underlying beliefs that may be adversely affecting your actions.

Strengthen healthy motivations. Just as important as identifying unconscious material that undermines your self-discipline is recognizing and reinforcing your constructive drives that fortify your self-discipline and help propel you toward actualizing your visions.

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