An Updated Investment Strategy by Tom Cromwell

Discover the fortune that lies hidden in the stock market for everyone who wants to quit work someday. Will the stock market crash? Find out where and how to grow and protect your money over the next decade to get stellar returns, using this investment guide. Almost fifty years have passed since Benjamin Graham wrote his seminal work The Intelligent Investor.

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Some of Graham’s advice is timeless—look for and buy value, and the rewards will come – and although the fundamentals of value investing have not changed, much of the advice was last updated in 1972. Fifty years of massive change in our markets, society, and technology has rendered a lot of the more specific information dated and worthless. Everyone wants to know what the future will hold and predict where markets are going. Up or down? Is it the bottom or the top? Will we have deflation or inflation or even hyperinflation? Knowing the answer to these questions would, of course, be of massive financial benefit and remove much of the stress and worry from how we organize our financial affairs. In this audiobook you will discover: What is the thing most likely to trigger the next market crash and how to watch for it? What comes out top between growth and value investing, and why? Whether you should you invest in Asia or other markets Are retiring Boomers going to make markets slump? Are the best days over for the passive investors? How little mistakes keep you poor. How to construct a dynamic portfolio – that will deliver superior returns in all conditions And much, much more

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