Law and Grace in the Bible by David Adeoye, Chapter by Chapter

Not everyone understands this. Some believe that we are still under the law. Others say it’s grace. This has been the greatest misconception in the hearts of most people – established believers and new converts alike. And the church is now more confused than ever. It’s time to put an end to the rising misunderstanding.

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The subject of law and grace seems complicated yet so simple with a little understanding of basic fundamental truths. To understand it, you must go back to the beginning – the time of creation. And follow through to the times and seasons that transpired in between until the New Testament.

You may be confused, too, but herein are all the answers you will need to clear your doubts. It’s important to find these answers as quickly as possible, to avoid sitting on the wrong side of the fence. If you’re going to seek God at all, seek his truth to understand his will for your life.

Do you want to know if God’s grace is actually at work in your life? This is your only way to find out….

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