Learn Game Theory

Learn Game Theory shares the well-hidden secrets of great decision-makers. Use Logic and Reason to Manage Uncertainty. Life is full of uncertainty. You don’t know what lies ahead. But you can learn to control the controllable by using logic and reason. With the help of this book, you’ll discover new ways to think about – and solve – problems more efficiently than ever before.

Master strategic thinking and gain a competitive advantage. Have you ever wondered how to make better decisions and solve problems with more ease?

Discover how strategic games model real-life behavior. You would be surprised how many game theory concepts affect your life. Game theory is a management device that helps rational decision-making. Game Theory is a branch of mathematics dedicated to the study of rational, strategic decision-making.

You can apply it in many different fields, from psychology, economics, and politics to military strategy, business, and even retail pricing! It focuses on conflict and cooperation between intelligent, rational players, analyzing how to optimize one’s decisions, taking into account others’ actions.

Learn Game Theory: A Primer to Strategic Thinking and Advanced Decision-Making. (Strategic Thinking Skills Book 1) By: Albert Rutherford

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