Diet Time

Paying more attention to your schedule and daily actions will result in some self-awareness and clarity about how you are spending your time. One thing to pay specific attention to is how much information you consume and at which point you are hitting the point of diminishing returns. As it turns out, much sooner than you might think, so you should consider going on an information diet and cutting out many of the sources of pure information in your life. They aren’t doing you any good; they are probably mostly automatic behaviors that suck up your time and mental bandwidth. 

Practical Self-Discipline: Become a Relentless Goal-Achieving and Temptation-Busting Machine (A Guide for Procrastinators, Slackers, and Couch Potatoes) By Peter Hollins

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Peter Hollins is a bestselling author, human psychology researcher, and a dedicated student of the human condition.

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