On FIRE by Tom Cromwell

Are you afraid you will have to work until you drop? Are you fed up with your job, the 9-5, and want to escape? Can’t work out how to square that circle? Find out how to retire early without a six-figure income even if you have children.

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With a life expectancy of 79, the average American can expect to retire at 64 with a net worth of $224,000, leaving them with less than $15,000 a year to live on. If you have different goals and aspirations then you are not alone.

F.I.R.E.—Financial Independence Retire Early: the key elements are building a portfolio of investments that will provide an alternative income that will replace your income from salaried employment. There are many blogs and books written by well-paid graduates recounting their experience of how they managed to retire at 38 without having kids.

Achieving this when you are a DINK (dual income, no kids) is a breeze. But what about you—the average Joe and Joanne? Find out how someone with a family and who is not on a six-figure salary can aspire to achieve financial independence. I cannot promise you will be able to retire at forty, or even fifty, but I can give you a real road map that will enable you to achieve early retirement.

In this audiobook, you will discover: A portfolio secret that has consistently beaten the market since 1995 Why you may not need as much as you think to retire How you can retire as a millionaire How to avoid massive losses in the stock market The secret of investing like Warren Buffett Why you need to pay yourself first. Why some people almost always make money in the stock market I retired early to live off my dividend income, sent two kids to college, and I am not special.

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