The Witty Comeback Machine

This chapter will teach you how to be a witty comeback machine. If you’re the kind of person who thinks of smart replies twenty minutes after a conversation ends, the techniques laid out here will help you come up with them much quicker.

It’s a matter of thinking non-literally, non-conventionally, and non-linearly, and realizing that a conversation is an opportunity for play rather than information dissemination. If someone is teasing you, there are two methods you can use which will help you come up with a witty comeback. You can either take the thing they’re teasing you about and exaggerate it to the point of absurdity, or point out a funny, but the positive side effect of that thing you’re being teased about. While delivering comebacks, it’s important to use the right tone and act like you can take a joke. Nobody likes a bad sport, and you’ll want to indicate that you’re joking through your demeanor and expressions. Smile wryly after saying your comeback, and use a tone that conveys indifference rather than annoyance.

The Art of Witty Banter: Be Clever, Quick, & Magnetic By Patrick King

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