The Art of Effective Teaching by Gunnar Stevenson, Chapter by Chapter

Parents, teachers, educators, and students find themselves in a unique situation because of the pandemic. Gunnar “Gun” Stevenson—a recently retired teacher, lecturer, and avid social science researcher—gives hands-on advice to learn—or relearn—the best teaching practices tailored for today’s needs and beyond.

Gain mental fortitude and unique skills to become an effective teacher.

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Do you feel tense, drained, and overwhelmed by the changed teaching demands?

Whether you are a teacher by profession or because of the world’s current pressure, you need to learn to navigate this challenge without getting drained emotionally.

If you feel like you lack the resources and support to handle the burdens of teaching, read this book. It provides simple steps to help you show up the best possible way as a teacher, no matter if you do it in your classroom, through Zoom, or in your kitchen.

This is not your ordinary teaching book. It is a success roadmap sharing modern, student-centered approaches to provide an outstanding education for everyone, from the very young to adult learners. You’ll learn techniques that help you become more empathetic and effective in understanding your students’ needs. Discover the secrets of creating a happy and fulfilling student-teacher relationship—even with problem students.

Based on the latest research and drawing on many educators’ experience, you will learn simple, actionable strategies that will enhance your teaching skills and boost your ability to motivate, inspire, and empower your students.

Trigger a strong intrinsic desire to listen, learn, and behave within each student.

– Learn to teach effortlessly as a parent.

– Build a good, influential relationship with your students.

– Become a more confident, calm, and successful teacher.

Make a lasting impact on your students, your community, and your work environment.

– Build behavior-changing rapport with even the most difficult students.

– Learn when and how to praise in a character- and motivation-building way.

– Read tips and a case study on how to deliver a difficult message to parents.

Drawing upon principles of psychology, pedagogy, sociology, and personal experiences, The Art of Effective Teaching will help you develop skills that give your students an unshakeable sense of confidence, motivation, and purpose. Learn how to take a fresh approach to the challenges of teaching!

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