Crush Debt Now! by Tom Cromwell, Chapter by Chapter

Fifteen percent of Americans said that they had been pursued by a debt collector, according to a report by the Consumer Financial Protection bureau in 2017. Only one in four of these attended the court hearing. In all the other cases, it is almost certain the collectors will have benefited from default decisions in their favor. A judgment that would allow the debt collector to garnish wages or sequester other assets.

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Find out how thousands have become debt-free using these steps.

Do you have excessive debts with no idea how you will pay them off? Are you being pursued by your creditors, receiving aggressive phone calls from debt collectors, and letters threatening court action?

If any of these situations apply to you, this book provides the solutions. Using the three-step negotiating strategy in this book is a proven approach for drastic debt reductions for people of all different backgrounds and income levels.

By listening to this book, you will discover: How to negotiate with your creditors – and win What to do if your creditors attempt to sequester your assets or wages What the legal processes are and how to fight or stop the process How to discover if your debt is unsustainable How to save money on all different types of debt, including utilities, taxes, mortgages, rent, vehicle loans, student debt, credit cards, and other loans How and when to use nuclear options of bankruptcy and insolvency

When you follow the step-by-step guide for all types of personal debts, then you can expect to save thousands or tens of thousands (of dollars) in repayments. You can crush your outstanding debt and be completely free and become financially solvent within a year.

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