Learn the Elements of Magnetic Presence and Charisma

In The Science of Social Intelligence , you’ll have over 40 studies, new and old, broken down in a way that answers the question, “How can I use this science to improve everyday social life?” Rely on findings from psychology, cognitive science, and behavioral economics, rather than one person’s anecdotal advice of what works.

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Scientifically-proven methods to create connection with anyone you meet. This is your blueprint for social success .

Humans are spectacularly predictable. Through decades of research, scientists have shown consistent patterns in human behavior and thought that can lead you us to very predictable outcomes. In other words, there are genuine ways to forge better relationships that take advantage of human psychology and behavioral patterns. And now you are going to learn some major ones.

Patrick provides information on how to break down your emotional barriers, build your confidence, and equip yourself for success.

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