Where Were You on 9/11? Are You Sure?

Déjà vu, the sense of “I know I’ve experienced this before…” is still a mystery to scientists. There are multiple theories about what is actually happening in our memory banks for us to feel familiarity in a new or novel situation, but none has gained a consensus. It occurs when we encounter an event or image that feels very familiar, like it’s not the first time we’ve been there—yet we are unable to recall from where, and it may indeed be the first encounter. It seems like our memories are fabricating experiences for us or, alternatively, creating false feelings of familiarity for an unknown reason.

This eerie intuition happens to between 60% and 70% of us, most of whom are between the ages of and years old. Due to it being a miswiring of the brain, you might suppose that it occurs more to the elderly—it doesn’t, so that almost adds to the mystery. Is it something that only happens when the brain is developing and pruning down its mistakes? More mystery abounds.

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