Improve Your Storytelling With Inside Jokes And Good Questions

Stories can also be the basis for an inside joke. When you think about it, an inside joke is something that comes up multiple times with the same person and evokes a positive emotion. It’s the same topic brought up in a different context. Thus, you just need to call back to a story through a conversation and there’s a good chance it will stick as a “Remember when we talked about…” moment. The more you use it, the more a unique bond is created between only the two of you.

Improving your storytelling ability is important, but what about eliciting stories from others? You can phrase your questions carefully to ask for stories rather than answers from people, which is a simple way to make conversation easier and more enjoyable for everyone involved. There are ways to make people open up to you and want to keep gabbing. Remember the lesson we learned with the 1:1:1 method in pinpointing the emotions that people are trying to evoke. To amplify this, you can pin the tail on the donkey and strategically add on to people’s stories.

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