What is Half of Half?

Finally, what’s half of half? 25 percent. What’s half of that? 12.5 percent. What happens when you get to infinitesimal numbers? Do you ever reach zero? Nope. But is that reflective of reality? Nope. That’s what Zeno’s paradoxes sought to explain: what seems to be apparent and obvious on paper often has no bearing to reality. Once again, the map is not the territory. Zeno’s paradoxes play out at the interface between math and life, between concept and reality. Importantly, they may show us how uncomfortable the fit really is: what can seem “intuitively” correct can be shown to be completely wrong mathematically, statistically or theoretically. Could it be that the conception of “infinity” itself is flawed, and so every story based on it will eventually contain strange paradoxes like these?

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