Tools Of The Charming

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• Having charm and charisma is not about you. It’s about the other person and making them feel heard, liked, and supported.

• Dr. Albrecht explains that conversations contain three elements: declaratives, questions, and qualifiers. The rule of three tells us that we should not have three declarative statements in a row and should instead mix it up with a question or a qualifier.

• It’s not really about the content of what you say but the emotional implications and the energy in how you say it.

• Conversational threading is a technique that will help you ensure you never run out of things to say. Listen to what the other person says, pick out a few noteworthy threads, then run with one of them. When the conversation dries up, return to these threads and pick up another one and follow that instead. Be patient, ask open-ended questions, and listen for emotions.

• Being a good everyday conversationalist is about being open-minded, spontaneous, and genuine. Keep things flowing!

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