Leap Before You Look. Wait…WHAT?

“Look before you leap” is a great maxim to follow in certain situations.
Literal leaping, for one.
Knife-juggling and prescription medication as well.
But when seeking to change your mindset and instill new principles to help you get to your goal, I’m strongly for the opposite—leap before you look.

This is the mindset that places more importance on doing rather than analyzing or even thinking.
It sounds like a risky proposition, but it’s probably safe to say that you have a bit too much safety in your life.
Let’s say you’re working on a music platform.
You have this fantastic idea for an app—it’s sort of like Shazam on steroids.
Not only will it identify what song you’re listening to, but it will also provide you a full list of musician and production credits, along with lyrics and other information that might be relevant.
You start mapping it out and telling a couple of trusted associates about it.
You’re just about to start on the coding when you start questioning yourself.

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