Navigating Obstacles And Failure

* Learning might be simple most of the time, but it is rarely easy. Often, we are starting from ground zero and struggling through the associated growing pains. It may be a while until we reach a point of epiphany or even reach a level of rudimentary understanding. Most of the obstacles we encounter come from ourselves. That’s if we ever get off the couch and crack open our textbooks and attend class in the first place!

* The first obstacle we will always have to battle is procrastination and a lack of self-discipline. After all, who wants to engage in something that is usually uncomfortable and difficult? There is a self-perpetuating cycle of psychological procrastination that we must break, as opposed to just summoning a massive amount of willpower every day. The cycle is: unhelpful assumptions or made-up rules, increasing discomfort, excuses to decrease psychological discomfort, avoidance activities to decrease psychological discomfort, and negative and positive consequences. Analyze the steps of the cycle to see where you are faltering, and you will break it.

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