Physical-Energy Vampires

• When we talk about energy, we must start with the physical aspect. Our bodies are our engines, and they must be properly fueled to perform well, or at all. We have to eliminate all of our physical-energy vampires and replace them with better habits and awareness. We can take a quick look at what happens when we run out of energy; when we burn out—one of the biggest energy vampires. This is a state of stress and anxiety on the body, where our bodies begin to break down.

• Another prominent energy vampire is a lack of productive and restful sleep. Your sleep hygiene could be terrible and you’d never know it. We should be avoiding blue light before sleeping, lowering stress levels, and keeping a regular sleep schedule. We should also seek to determine our sleep chronotype and understand how it relates to our circadian rhythms. The circadian rhythm directly influences the ultradian rhythm that we abide by when we are awake, and that we take into account with its natural spikes and lulls in energy. Restful sleep is a force multiplier—a quantity that enables great accomplishment in other, unrelated areas.

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