Hallucinations and Faulty Memories

Hallucinations are a brain malfunction in which the sufferer experiences false images or sounds that do not exist in the real world. Hallucinations can be caused by a number of different underlying problems, but they are generally very unpleasant and disorienting for people who experience the malfunction. They’re not confined only to seeing a ghost in the dark or hearing a creepy “avenge me” at night; they can come in all tactile sensations that the brain can produce by accident.

For example, a tactile hallucination is when you feel something crawling on your skin, though nothing is there. Sometimes the hallucinations can be simple, such as seeing a pattern of colors obscuring the visual field. Other times they can be immensely complex, such as seeing buildings, people, or even imaginary animals and creatures. The level and type of hallucination depend entirely on what region of the brain is malfunctioning or which signals have been lost to injury or disease.

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