Drift Again by Todd Saylor, Chapter by Chapter

A man of faith, an accomplished businessman, and a devoted father, Saylor shares his insights through poignant essays and candid parables that illuminate how these traits manifest themselves in our lives. Saylor’s inspiring advice and stories will challenge you into action and provide tools to keep yourself motivated and mindful of our propensity to drift again.

In this sequel to Wired Differently, Todd Saylor shares how a near-fatal head-on collision brought an epiphany that all was not right in his world. Saylor realized that the very traits that led him to epic gains could also lead to epic failure. In a moment of self-reflection and clarity, Saylor discovered that even for those of us who are wired differently, it was possible to drift back toward the Land of Quo – that dangerous state of mediocrity – because of a new trait he identifies as “DriftAgain”.

This discovery prompted Saylor on an intellectual quest to analyze and understand “DriftAgain”, deconstruct its underlying components, and explain that the same traits that make us a success can also be our biggest obstacles in life. Moreover, he shows us how to overcome what may be holding us back by confronting our faults and turning them into supremely purposeful assets.

Join Todd Saylor in this ongoing Wired Differently odyssey toward greater success and purposeful living. Stop drifting, start achieving. ©2021 Todd Saylor (P)2021 Todd Saylor

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