Charisma, Quick Wit, and Humor

Charisma is a sense of magnetism you feel toward people—you can’t explain it, but you just want to listen to them and be around them. Most of our leaders and politicians are imbued with the gift of charisma, even if they sometimes are otherwise not qualified.

It’s a hard quantity to define, though in 2018, Tskhay and Zhu in “Charisma in Everyday Life: Conceptualization and Validation of the General Charisma Inventory” defined what’s called the General Charisma Inventory (GCI). They identified a collection of six traits that were generally present in people deemed “charismatic.” The factors are as follows:
• has a presence in a room
• has the ability to influence people
• knows how to lead a group
• makes people feel comfortable
• smiles at people often
• can get along with anyone

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