Self-Awareness and The Johari Window

Self-awareness involves thinking about yourself, other people, and all the messages and emotions that are being transmitted. It’s not easy, and it’s certainly not a skill or habit most of us use. But all the knowledge in the world won’t be useful if you think you are using it but lack the awareness to know otherwise.

The Johari Window is our first tool for self-awareness. It acknowledges that in any interaction there are four zones of self-awareness we can possess: open, blind, hidden, and unknown. Often, we think we are on the same page and speaking openly, yet you yourself possess a blind spot. Other times, you are hiding information from others, giving them a blind spot, and sometimes neither of you possess the important or necessary information. These all cause conflict, tension, and the appearance of dishonesty and manipulation. True self-awareness often lies beneath various psychological layers, but it is necessary for true communication that makes people feel safe and open.

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