To-Do Lists On Steroids

A to-do list hastily written on a Post-It might be one of the most ubiquitous tools for self-discipline and avoiding procrastination. It works on our psychology by manipulating dopamine, and this is one of the few instances that we can actually make our brains work for us. But ultimately, a to-do list just makes sure that things are not being forgotten or falling through the cracks, and it doesn’t necessarily assist you in doing more. It just prevents you from doing less. Thus, we need to level up the humble to-do list.

We can start to do this by trimming the to-do list down to three items per day (yes, only three) to keep focused and lean. We can also set an intention or overall mission for the day and add only five (two big and three small) or nine (one big, three medium, and five small) tasks to the list in support of that mission. We can also add an element of reality-testing by evaluating your tasks through the metrics of seriousness, urgency, and growth in order to easily see what to prioritize.

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