Creativity Building Blocks

Artist, architect, inventor, engineer, scientist—these are just some of the roles Leonardo da Vinci embodied in his life as a prolific creative. There is no question he was an accomplished originator, with his creative genius springing mainly from the general traits fleshed out by Michael Gelb. From an intense curiosity to a highly sharpened sensory awareness, these traits made da Vinci a fountain of ideas and solutions so remarkable we’re still talking about his genius centuries later.

In the same way that Gelb recognized those traits that spawned da Vinci’s extraordinary ingenuity, we can also identify practical mindsets that could serve as the building blocks for a more abounding sense of creativity. These building blocks will structure your thinking so that you start to view the world in a new light, stirring you to be more creative subconsciously and practically. Contrary to popular thought, creativity isn’t reserved only for those born with an artist’s hand or an inventor’s imagination. It’s something you can learn to better develop in yourself by having the right mindset to nurture it.

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