Bringing Self-Discipline Traits To Life – Part 2

• This kind of self-reflection allows you to see exactly what areas you need to work on and see whether your efforts are resulting in progress.

• Depending on which aspects you identify as under-developed, you can do a lot to improve.

• To find positive mentors, reach out to others and network, or simply ask for help and advice from accomplished people.

• To develop sensory rich vision, make a goal collage or practice visualization to conjure up a vivid, five-sense image of the end you’re aiming for. To increase self-belief, actively court failure and rejection—to prove to yourself that your worth as a person doesn’t stem from these things. Meditation, mindfulness, and self-care also go a long way to cultivating self-compassion.

• To have better planning and organization, start by decluttering both your mind and workspace to cut down on distractions. Set up habits that allow you to atomate, delegate and concentrate.

• To build skills and education, keep reading. Become curious, and ask questions, learning where you can. To improve patience and perseverance, focus on the smallest, sustainable change you can make and keep up every day. To see work as play, change your language. Don’t say, “I have to do XYZ,” but instead say, “I choose to do XYZ.” Remember, nobody is forcing you to be the best version of yourself.

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