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Separate Out Your Thoughts From Your Feelings

Finally, master self-differentiation and be crystal clear on thoughts versus feelings, and your thoughts and feelings versus those of others. Defuse conflict by taking responsibility for your perspective while seeing the other person’s for what it is. Most important of all, have the maturity to maintain intimacy with others despite differences in opinion. Routinely ask… Read more “Separate Out Your Thoughts From Your Feelings”

What Does It Really Mean To Be An Independent Thinker?

• Independent thinkers can think logically, clearly and autonomously, outside the pressures of their cultures, upbringings, past experiences or historical period. They are conscious and aware, rather than reactive and automatic, and can truly think (and experience) for themselves. • Cultivating independent thought takes time and effort. The first stage is to assemble a patchwork… Read more “What Does It Really Mean To Be An Independent Thinker?”


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