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Psychological Perception

Perception is actually similar to the phenomena we discussed in the previous chapter. You don’t know for sure if it’s true, but you like what you see. That lends credence to the sad truth that we humans are shallow and don’t prefer to think twice. But hey, at least in this book, you are learning… Read more “Psychological Perception”

The Man From The Swamp

Each of the thought experiments in this chapter follows the same line of thought. Swamp man asks how you would evaluate the identity of a swamp monster that rises after you are struck dead by lightning. This monster is physically the same as you, down to the molecule. And yet, it doesn’t have your personality,… Read more “The Man From The Swamp”

Super Learning by Peter Hollins, Chapter by Chapter

Make learning: painless, exciting, habitual, and self-motivating. Absorb info like a human sponge. We’ve never been taught how to learn, and that’s a shame. This book is the key to reversing all the misconceptions you have and making learning fun again. Scientifically-proven, step-by-step methods for effective learning.


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