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To Get More Creative, Think More Plainly

Understand that the best creative thinking will draw upon different fields and disciplines. What is novel is one discipline is natural and worn in another. One of the best examples of this is Einstein’s combinatory play, which interweaves logical and creative thought—as a mental break, or through combining the two thought processes. Einstein’s other contribution… Read more “To Get More Creative, Think More Plainly”

First Principles – Break Preconceptions And Find Your Own Solution

* Mental Model #18: Get Back to First Principles. When we try to solve problems, oftentimes we attempt to follow methods or a specific path just because they are the conventional means. But are they the best? First principles thinking strips away assumptions and leaves you with only a set of facts and a desired… Read more “First Principles – Break Preconceptions And Find Your Own Solution”

Two Ways To ID And Deal With Toxic Takers

Boundaries become important very quickly to enforce, both to assert your rights and to defend against those who would seek to take advantage of you. Toxic takers are the epitome of those who would seek to take advantage of you, and they come in many forms of selfishness and non-reciprocation.


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